Mar. 15th, 2011

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Which I shall remedy for now until I maybe possibly go back to the bad internet connection in Yellowstone. Speaking of, I haven't yet posted pics, so here are a few to start with... sorry about the quality, but it's a blackberry camera phone. I had little time to save up money to spend on a camera before I left.

I filled out my application to work in Yellowstone at the hotels on a whim, because there weren't jobs here. I had done it in 2001 and LOVED IT. I wanted to go back. Soooo, I filled it out on the 5th, got a call back on the 8th, was hired immediately, and was asked to be in Gardiner, MT to start training at 8am on the 15th. ^.- Sure! So i packed up my house in 3 days, left my dog with my Mom, prayed my car would make it, and left on the 11th.

The drive from Ohio to Montana along I-80/90:

Yellowstone trip... )

The view from behind my bank in Bozeman:

I will be posting the best Yellowstone pics from this summer in a few days.


yellowvalley: picture of a waterfall in yellowstone (Default)

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