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Which I shall remedy for now until I maybe possibly go back to the bad internet connection in Yellowstone. Speaking of, I haven't yet posted pics, so here are a few to start with... sorry about the quality, but it's a blackberry camera phone. I had little time to save up money to spend on a camera before I left.

I filled out my application to work in Yellowstone at the hotels on a whim, because there weren't jobs here. I had done it in 2001 and LOVED IT. I wanted to go back. Soooo, I filled it out on the 5th, got a call back on the 8th, was hired immediately, and was asked to be in Gardiner, MT to start training at 8am on the 15th. ^.- Sure! So i packed up my house in 3 days, left my dog with my Mom, prayed my car would make it, and left on the 11th.

The drive from Ohio to Montana along I-80/90:

Yellowstone trip... )

The view from behind my bank in Bozeman:

I will be posting the best Yellowstone pics from this summer in a few days.
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Upon re-watching the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0, I noticed that during the cock fighting scene, there are these two older ladies carrying a cooler and A FOIL COVERED BAKING DISH to the fight. It got me wondering: Is it some kind of pot-luck? Did scary guy with tattoo #4 bring a nice quiche? Does the neighborhood have a tradition every Christmas Eve where afternoon = cockfighting, followed by a nice sit down dinner with festive tablecloths, then a nativity play by the local children followed by caroling? Are the two guys that Steve almost ran over the soloists?

Now I want to write fic where the two women are neighborhood Mommas to the rougher men and boys in the neighborhood and they both spoil them with food and slap them silly for any trouble. Seriously, they will be complete characters in my head by the end of the day.

And on third watch of this scene, I see that all the womenfolk are out of the way underneath the tent with all the food where they belong. ::rolls eyes:: Though, if you look closely, when Danny is doing his whole speech about "dinner fighting it out in a cage match" or whatever, they are all big smiles. They are totally enjoying the eye candy. :D
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It's snowing. In August. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I love living in Yellowstone, It's my favorite place in the world; but I do not like snow.

I can deal with wet.

I can deal with cold.

I just don't like it when it's both!

On the plus side, yesterday while driving to the grocery store, a grizzly crossed the road in front of me and jumped in Nez Perce Creek. It then preceeded to playfully splash around for a bit. It even stood up on it's hind legs, then let itself fall backward into the water. It was comical.


Things like that are why I decide to deal with the snow in summer and stay here. ;)
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Front: I deal with wild animals. If I'm running...

Back: KEEP UP.

Saw it on a guy in a video but now cannot find where it's sold. I will find it, though. I will not stop until I do. -_-

So excited about my shows coming up! Torchwood in July, then Psych and a few others in August... I don't watch much but what I do watch I miss when it's not on.

Nephew Scott still hasn't emailed or called to let us know he's enjoying himself in Yellowstone or at least.. you know... that he hasn't been eaten by a bear. Or attacked by angry rabid squirrels. Nice.

Taking a nap now that this huge storm is mostly over and my dog isn't trying to hide underneath me when I'm sitting down.
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I really, really, REALLY want to go see Billy Elliot. It looks really good! If New York was only a few hours closer....

Daw well. I'm going to see Star Trek again tonight, it'll at least give me something to do. ;)

My nephew is now in Yellowstone! I was so worried about him getting there, but now I just have to worry about bears eating him all summer. Or the supervolcano erupting. Ya know, normal stuff!
I hope he has as much fun as I did. ::is jealous a little bit::
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My nephew Scott, who has lived with me since he was 1, turned 18 in December. Not much changed; it's not like it's some magical barrier that instantly turns him into an adult, especially in my thoughts and attitude towards him. But now, it's kind of hitting me that he's a supposed 'grown up'.

Today I went and took him for his SAT's. He's pretty late for this, but his earlier scheduled date he forgot, which I guess kind of added to the whole 'he may be 18, but he's still a kid' type mentality. His college applications are all in, he only has about 15 school days left, and then graduation. He's not at the top of his class or anything, but when you consider that it's only my sister and I out of nearly our entire family that even graduated high school with a diploma instead of a GED it's kind of a big deal. His brother Mike is graduating in the same ceremony, but he's severely mentally handicapped so even though he's a year older, I'll never have to face this with him. He'll always be a little kid. And yet I take no pleasure in this.

Then tonight is Scott's senior prom. He has a date, a pretty little girl he's been friends with whom is taller than him and from the vibes and silly smiles I've been getting from my dear nephew is the subject of a decently heavy crush. I never, in a million years, would have thought he'd get the nerve to ask somebody. I encouraged him to, but seeing as how I didn't think it would happen, didn't harp on it for fear of making him feel bad because he didn't. But then he came home, said he had a date, and promptly asked for money I couldn't afford to give. I gave it anyway, and sold my extra computer.

A month from tomorrow, he'll be getting on a plane. It's his first trip without someone with him, his first trip out of state since he was 8, his first plane ride, and his first time moving away from home. He's going to follow in my footsteps and do a summer out in Yellowstone National Park as kitchen crew in the Lake Hotel. I won't lie, I feel fantastic thinking that something I did he thinks is worth doing for him. I'm also scared to death. Because even though he's an 'adult', I still think of him as generally irresponsible and naive. I'm scared to death because if something goes wrong, I won't be nearby to help. And yes, even though I know the odds against it, I'm scared he'll be eaten by a bear. Oh shush, it's an Aunt's perogative, K?

Basically, I'm scared to death he'll crash and burn and I'll be able to do nothing but watch from the sidelines.

But mostly I'm surprised at what he's already accomplished, and terribly excited to see what he'll do next.

But does the scared to death part of me have to be so loud???
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You Are an Altruist
You are a born idealist, with more pet causes than you can count.
You prefer be around others, both when working and while relaxing.
Generous and giving, you believe you can change the world one person at a time.
You're open minded and tolerant. People feel like they can tell you anything.

Your strength: Your go-with-the-flow flexibility

Your weakness: Your flair for the over dramatic

Your power color: Pine green

Your power symbol: Circle

Your power month: September
Pretty close. :D
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Sometimes, the best thing about family is how pouty they get when you whip their collective booties in an hours long never-ending tournament of the boardgame 'Sorry!'

::evil grin::

I know I complain a lot about my nephews, but I really will miss them when we go our separate ways this summer.  Michael's little chants of "I'm the luck-y winn-er!" and Scott's tendency to fall down laughing, literally.

What board games do you guys like?  I'm not the only loser that likes them, am I?  ::self conscious::
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David Cook's album???  DAMN.  I really, really, wasn't expecting that. 

It's the first album that had me listening all the way through for a long while.   Definitely recommend it.  Don't let the whole AI thing turn you away.
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Got back early this morning from the hospital.... only to come down with a migraine about an hour later.  That's gone now, Thank God, but I digress.

Went into the hospital, they got me going on oxygen, and an IV, and heart monitors, took some blood and some X-rays.
Found out I was having PVC's, (which is kind of like your heart beating backwards) way too often for comfort, and that's what felt like I was feeling my heart kick and then it not beat.  Everyone has them, it was that they were so freakin' often then and strong enough that I could feel them that makes it weird.

Having them so often and developing them so suddenly with such frequency CAN be a bad thing.  Or stress about school, but the major stress out about school was over with, and I was quite bored at the time, so I don't think it's that.  Might be some other mundane thing though.  Knowing my luck. ;)

It's still happening, but not nearly as often, and I'm only dizzy if it happens a few times close together.  I shouldn't drive until I get the dizzyness settled, but other than that it's okay.  I've got medication coming to me that's supposed to help.  Medication I took for 13 years of my childhood actually. :D

Thanks for all of those that sent me good luck wishes, and the few that called to check up on me.  You guys are great, and who knows, maybe it worked!!!
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Feels like my heart's about to stop.  This is bad, I haven't been this worried for over 7 years.  Cross your fingers for me....
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It's -6 right now, with a wind chill of -25.  Holy cow, I don't want to go outside, but I need to take Grandma to her Dr.s appointment.....

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Here, have a hot!cowboy!vid.  :D


ETA:  Someone tell me if my cut isn't working, LJay's messing with my good mood already today. :(

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Hey!  Made my first video with the Vegas software.  Kind of went a little crazy on the slow mo on this one, but it does fit the song.  If anyone knows anything about vidding, care to give me some concrit?  I see a few things I could have done better myself, but maybe I'm not spotting something...

Show:  Merlin
Pairing:  Merlin/Arthur (one sided from Merlin maybe)
Summary:  Arthur doesn't see Merlin the way Merlin wants him to.  Merlin regrets keeping a big part of him secret.
Song:  You Don't See Me from the soundtrack of Josie and the Pussycats

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Ok, I've finished Merlin and am now cursing the UK's short series/seasons and want fic.  Gen fic, slash fic (which, lets be honest, is almost canon!fic in this show), good groups to join for fic..... 

Please, FEED ME. :D
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My nephew is going to work and live in Yellowstone this summer!  He got his contract.  He'll be working as kitchen crew at Lake Yellowstone Hotel or the lodge.  I'm so excited for him!  I hope it's as good of an experience as it was for me! 

I was kind of hoping he'd get canyon, but alas, Lake is just as good.  I did my training there.  I'll post pictures later.

I'm hoping he'll figure out what he wants to do out there.  He's kind of floating right now, and frustrated because he turns 18 in two days, will be graduating high school, and has no clue who he is or what he wants.  He's so like me some times it scary.


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