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2006-10-18 03:17 pm
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OH My Petr....

Can you imagine being a parent and getting that call?  That your son needs surgery on his skull?  Had to be terrifying for them.  

Poor woobie Petr.  I'm horribly glad it didn't do any permanent severe damage to his brain.

I wonder how the game against Barca will be today.  I'll keep my fingers crossed, but since our 1 and 2 goalies are out, I wonder how that will affect the whole team.

But oh, we get to see Eidur!  Yeah, that'll be good.  I'm sure ESPN will be playing out over here, just got to figure out which channel...

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2006-06-09 02:05 pm
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Attention:  Mother

World Cup is awesome.  I have looked forward to it and been talking about it for how long?!?  And you decide that hey!  It's half time in a very exciting opening game between Germany and Costa Rica.  You must IMMEDIATELY go and pick up a camera from a friend before she leaves for the weekend.   And you need me to drive because your knee is acting up.

You couldn't have told me this morning??  WTF!  The game wasn't even starting until noon!

Next time?  I don't care if you're due to deliver a donated organ to a dying person.  I AM NOT LEAVING FROM IN FRONT OF THE TV.  


So I missed the second half.   And for some reason my tape is all static.  How was it?