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Which I shall remedy for now until I maybe possibly go back to the bad internet connection in Yellowstone. Speaking of, I haven't yet posted pics, so here are a few to start with... sorry about the quality, but it's a blackberry camera phone. I had little time to save up money to spend on a camera before I left.

I filled out my application to work in Yellowstone at the hotels on a whim, because there weren't jobs here. I had done it in 2001 and LOVED IT. I wanted to go back. Soooo, I filled it out on the 5th, got a call back on the 8th, was hired immediately, and was asked to be in Gardiner, MT to start training at 8am on the 15th. ^.- Sure! So i packed up my house in 3 days, left my dog with my Mom, prayed my car would make it, and left on the 11th.

The drive from Ohio to Montana along I-80/90:

Yellowstone trip... )

The view from behind my bank in Bozeman:

I will be posting the best Yellowstone pics from this summer in a few days.
yellowvalley: picture of a waterfall in yellowstone (Default)

yellowvalley: picture of a waterfall in yellowstone (Default)
My nephew is going to work and live in Yellowstone this summer!  He got his contract.  He'll be working as kitchen crew at Lake Yellowstone Hotel or the lodge.  I'm so excited for him!  I hope it's as good of an experience as it was for me! 

I was kind of hoping he'd get canyon, but alas, Lake is just as good.  I did my training there.  I'll post pictures later.

I'm hoping he'll figure out what he wants to do out there.  He's kind of floating right now, and frustrated because he turns 18 in two days, will be graduating high school, and has no clue who he is or what he wants.  He's so like me some times it scary.


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