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Eternity by   [personal profile] kriadydragon .

SGA fic.  Future fic, kind of AU, Sheppard centric.  Het, with an OC, but don't let that stop you from reading.  Also has character death, but as someone who doesn't read character deaths, I still enjoyed this one.  Very Sci-Fi, which is her specialty.  She brings the worlds and galaxies to life.

I strongly urge you to at least read the first chapter, because I can guarantee it will suck you in.  As a matter of fact, I dare you to read the first chapter and NOT click the next button.  ::nods::

Past And Forever by Veronica.

Torchwood.  Spoilers up to the last few minutes of Fragments, Jack/Ianto.  Her summary?  A Love Story.  And that's exactly what this is, and it works.  Jack is the way he is supposed to be, and Ianto is just picture perfect.    A grown up story, which seems to be rare in Torchwood.  Her first story, but I sincerely hope not her last.  Bit of violence, and torture, but it's dealt with delicately and happens mostly offscreen, and it plays an important part to the story.

I stayed up until 4:30am reading this thing.
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Was nearly attacked today by a giant possibly-Cindy-eating spider.  I've stumbled upon slithering kind-of-big snakes and have had less of a fright.  Probably because I was walking and it was eye level, just chillin' from the washroom light.  It was damn ugly.

The moral of the story, anyways, was that it reminded me of this hilarious Thunderbirds story (the TV verse, not that stupid Jonathan Frankes movie) and just thought I'd share.  Don't really need to know the characters or anything, but if you like grown men acting like eight year olds in a cute and hilarious fashion, you will probably enjoy this story.

And now I have a 3 page philosophy paper that's due tomorrow at 10am that I haven't even started on, so I bid you all good night. 


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