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A good friend of mine, D, is in the hospital.  They fear she's had a stroke.  She has retained weakness on her left side since last night.  

D is only 27.  While she is conscious, in very good spirits, ( she mentioned the hot EMT guy she got to meet) it always helps to have people pulling for you, the more the better.  So I'm asking that if you can, take a time to pray, chant, send good vibes etc. whatever you like her way, and to her Dad as well.

And now I'm off to sit with her, but thanks to all those who read this and take the time.
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Where I live, I have a small field out back.  This field is teaming with field mice, of which a few over the years have managed to get into the house and scare the living daylights out of my Mother, who lives with me.  Now, having said that, we haven't had one in the house for over a year, so I wasn't thinking about them, you know?

There I was, cooking the hamburger and boiling the noodles for spaghetti for supper.  We have an electric stove, with the coils?  I was using one of the back ones for the noodles and the right front for the hamburger, turning the meat.  A movement near the left front coil, currently turned off, caught my eye, so I looked more closely.

Lo and Behold, I saw to dark eyes and a twitching nose staring back at me from the hole underneath the coils.  Inside the stove top.

    O O

Now, mice don't bother me, I used to have hamsters as a kid, but.... that startled the ever-living crap out of me.

Let's just say I had to clean up half cooked hamburger off the floor and we ordered out a pizza, yeah?  -_-

Hee!  And I just realized what my mood thingies are....


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