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I love my dog. 

I love it when she SNAPS her tether like it was made of straw.

  I love it even more when she hunts until she finds the smelliest pile of something and then ROLLS AROUND IN IT. 

I'm just tickled when she comes homes after and looks at me, tail wagging a mile an hour, like she's saying "look at what I did!  Aren't I clever!  Aren't you PROUD!!!"

And it just darling when she refuses to go anywhere near the bathroom, so I have to carry her in, transferring the stink TO MY CLOTHES.

I'm so overcome with LOVE right now I want to give her a really, really, REALLY TIGHT HUG.  AROUND HER NECK.


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After the witch hunt of 2007 of people's interests, I had hoped that they learned how to tread carefully.  But now, it looks as though they are Censoring the popularity of certain interests.  

On the Most Popular Interests page, they have removed sex, boys, girls, yaoi, hardcore (wtf? music?), PORN, SEX, bondage, DEPRESSION, PAIN, faeries, BISEXUALITY.

Oh, yes.  And FANFICTION.

That's right, that old devil's workshop, fanfic.

The first link above gives you more information, but I felt it only right to pass it on.  I will not be renewing my paid subscription to this site, which is due in 10 days.  I have not completely decided to move to Insane Journal, but have reserved my ID over there, and have a feeling I'll be using it sooner rather than later.  Feel free to friend over there.


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