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but it needs to be done once every year.  I spent an indecent amount of time going back and forth between smiling faces and serious faces, and finally decided to just post it.

Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!  (Elf yourself, NCIS style!)

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First it was that all of the creatures from the abyss I'm studying in Oceanography were suddenly on land and flying through the air like they were swimming and all of these reporters and stuff were asking me why it was happening and how and I'm all like "I've just finished one semester of oceanography for my geology major I don't even know what half of them are!!!" but they kept asking questions and getting angry because they thought I was being coy and playing at oblivious or something when I really had no clue.

Then there was a really good one where Gibbs was Emperor Hadrian and Tony was beloved boy concubine Antinous from 110ADish and Tony was a bit older than Antinous actually was but it was inspired by THIS PICTURE (not family or work safe) and needless to say it was a hot dream.  I'm tempted to write the fic to it. :D  McGee could be a favorited servant boy and Ziva could be hired by Gibbs to be Tony's bodyguard and we can even have Cate as Gibbs' bethroved wife who is jealous of Tony at first but gets along like gangbusters later on.

I really want to put that universe together now.  Oh Gods what have I done!


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