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And Chelsea lost it again.  This season seems to be intitled "close but not close enough".  It seems we don't do well under high pressure games.  But we pick off all the small games so that we win the title championships.  Well, when half our team isn't out for months because of injuries, anyways.  But hats off to Liverpool.

Season Four of SGA is scaring me a bit.  Though I've heard some good things about certain episodes. *vbg*  But I wll hold off on judgement until I see it.  Of course all my shows last around 4 years.  And the new uniforms!!!!

I"m in the mood for O'Neill-is-Sheppards-father-because-of-the-whole-1969-thing fics.  I love Jack.  I want him to retire in Pegasus to be near his newfound son much to Sheppard's annoyment and bring Teal'c with him and frown at McKay alot and confuse Teyla and flirt with Elizabeth and bond with Ronon over fishing in a lake near his cabin on the mainland that has huge alien fish that don't bite bait.  That would be so awesome.

There is some fic out there like that, right?  If not, someone should write it.  

I don't want to go to work tonight.  I really don't.

OH!  Check out  It's awesome.


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