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Got back early this morning from the hospital.... only to come down with a migraine about an hour later.  That's gone now, Thank God, but I digress.

Went into the hospital, they got me going on oxygen, and an IV, and heart monitors, took some blood and some X-rays.
Found out I was having PVC's, (which is kind of like your heart beating backwards) way too often for comfort, and that's what felt like I was feeling my heart kick and then it not beat.  Everyone has them, it was that they were so freakin' often then and strong enough that I could feel them that makes it weird.

Having them so often and developing them so suddenly with such frequency CAN be a bad thing.  Or stress about school, but the major stress out about school was over with, and I was quite bored at the time, so I don't think it's that.  Might be some other mundane thing though.  Knowing my luck. ;)

It's still happening, but not nearly as often, and I'm only dizzy if it happens a few times close together.  I shouldn't drive until I get the dizzyness settled, but other than that it's okay.  I've got medication coming to me that's supposed to help.  Medication I took for 13 years of my childhood actually. :D

Thanks for all of those that sent me good luck wishes, and the few that called to check up on me.  You guys are great, and who knows, maybe it worked!!!
yellowvalley: picture of a waterfall in yellowstone (Default)
Feels like my heart's about to stop.  This is bad, I haven't been this worried for over 7 years.  Cross your fingers for me....


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