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OMG squee!  I FINALLY got to see the movie Thoughtcrimes with Joe Flanigan and Nevi Rawat. (I think that's how you spell it, but far too lazy to check.)  Well worth the wait!  Joe is hot, and the movie is actually good.  I was a little nervous to be honest, but it turned out great.  

Scanners II with David Hewlett is next.  I remember this one from a long time ago, but haven't watched it in ages.  Fifteen more minutes to download!

As far as real life stuff goes, I just quit my job.  58 hours per week were just a little too much.  Plus I was doodling me strangling people with my phone cord, so I ascertained the job was not helping my mental health.  :P  I should have more time to commit to LJ and other pointless but terribly fun persuits now.  YAY!

Now, hopefully, I will get a full time job at a doctor's office slash emergency clinic, who says they will be flexible with my schedule when I go back to school for Paramedic/EMT training.  Maybe even pay for some of it!!

If I do get this job, it will be the last piece of the puzzle that I feel has been falling together for me over the past three weeks.  To actually know what you want to do with your life after 24 years of hemming and hawing, I can't even describe how that feels.

Just thought I'd update ya'll.  I'm terribly sorry if it seems I've lost touch with you, but over the past several months, If I wasn't at work I was cooking or cleaning or sleeping.  Sleeping is way underrated, I'm telling you.

BTW, happy belated New Year to everyone!  Hope it's a good one!


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