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My nephew Scott, who has lived with me since he was 1, turned 18 in December. Not much changed; it's not like it's some magical barrier that instantly turns him into an adult, especially in my thoughts and attitude towards him. But now, it's kind of hitting me that he's a supposed 'grown up'.

Today I went and took him for his SAT's. He's pretty late for this, but his earlier scheduled date he forgot, which I guess kind of added to the whole 'he may be 18, but he's still a kid' type mentality. His college applications are all in, he only has about 15 school days left, and then graduation. He's not at the top of his class or anything, but when you consider that it's only my sister and I out of nearly our entire family that even graduated high school with a diploma instead of a GED it's kind of a big deal. His brother Mike is graduating in the same ceremony, but he's severely mentally handicapped so even though he's a year older, I'll never have to face this with him. He'll always be a little kid. And yet I take no pleasure in this.

Then tonight is Scott's senior prom. He has a date, a pretty little girl he's been friends with whom is taller than him and from the vibes and silly smiles I've been getting from my dear nephew is the subject of a decently heavy crush. I never, in a million years, would have thought he'd get the nerve to ask somebody. I encouraged him to, but seeing as how I didn't think it would happen, didn't harp on it for fear of making him feel bad because he didn't. But then he came home, said he had a date, and promptly asked for money I couldn't afford to give. I gave it anyway, and sold my extra computer.

A month from tomorrow, he'll be getting on a plane. It's his first trip without someone with him, his first trip out of state since he was 8, his first plane ride, and his first time moving away from home. He's going to follow in my footsteps and do a summer out in Yellowstone National Park as kitchen crew in the Lake Hotel. I won't lie, I feel fantastic thinking that something I did he thinks is worth doing for him. I'm also scared to death. Because even though he's an 'adult', I still think of him as generally irresponsible and naive. I'm scared to death because if something goes wrong, I won't be nearby to help. And yes, even though I know the odds against it, I'm scared he'll be eaten by a bear. Oh shush, it's an Aunt's perogative, K?

Basically, I'm scared to death he'll crash and burn and I'll be able to do nothing but watch from the sidelines.

But mostly I'm surprised at what he's already accomplished, and terribly excited to see what he'll do next.

But does the scared to death part of me have to be so loud???
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Sometimes, the best thing about family is how pouty they get when you whip their collective booties in an hours long never-ending tournament of the boardgame 'Sorry!'

::evil grin::

I know I complain a lot about my nephews, but I really will miss them when we go our separate ways this summer.  Michael's little chants of "I'm the luck-y winn-er!" and Scott's tendency to fall down laughing, literally.

What board games do you guys like?  I'm not the only loser that likes them, am I?  ::self conscious::
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My nephew is going to work and live in Yellowstone this summer!  He got his contract.  He'll be working as kitchen crew at Lake Yellowstone Hotel or the lodge.  I'm so excited for him!  I hope it's as good of an experience as it was for me! 

I was kind of hoping he'd get canyon, but alas, Lake is just as good.  I did my training there.  I'll post pictures later.

I'm hoping he'll figure out what he wants to do out there.  He's kind of floating right now, and frustrated because he turns 18 in two days, will be graduating high school, and has no clue who he is or what he wants.  He's so like me some times it scary.
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My Granddad just died today.  This morning around 8am.  He just gave up, didn't want to keep fighting when they didn't know exactly why he couldn't breathe.  After he beat lung cancer.  I knew it was coming, now I'm just worried about grandma.  We were in a similar position last month or so with her, but they put in a pacemaker, and she seems better than she has in years.  But they were both reaching 80 years old, and now she's alone.  She can't take care of a household like she used to, so she has to either move in with someone or go to a nursing home.

I saw my Grandpa in the hospital on Saturday.  He seemed alright, actually, but so so tired.  They had one of those breathing treatment masks on that push air into your lungs, trying to get them to clear out.  Yesterday, he took it off and threw it against the wall and told them no more.

My Mom is handling it the worst out of everyone.  Which I don't understand.  But whatever.

I'm so glad that the last time I saw him, when I left, I went back into the room after leaving and gave him a kiss on the forehead.  I honestly thought I was going to see him alive again, today actually, but I can't tell you how happy I was that I went back instead of just saying "bye, I'll see you Monday".

I feel weird.
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for Christmas cards!!!!  EEEE!!!!!  If you want one, just comment here and I'll start making up my list.  Especially if you're overseas (from America), it's always a good idea to send them out extra early, so don't wait too long, K? :D


Oh, and any Canton folk- I have 2 extra tickets to see Rob Corddry Monday night (27th) at Kent State Stark.  (He's formerly from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, back when it was hilarious and not just mildly funny).  His show is called "An Evening With America’s New Best Friend" and it should be quite funny.  Free tix. :D He's in the new movie "W." about George Bush, which I want to see, but I'm so sick of politics it'll probably be a while before I see it.  Again, screened comments, let me know if you want to go.

Oh, for those of you who commented when my Grandma was sick, thanks so much.  You all helped a bunch.  ::hugs::

Of course my brother went in three days after she went out because he couldn't breathe, and was there for 3 1/2 days, but hey.  his skanky girlfriend can coo over him if she wants.  He's an idiot to have waited so long to see a doctor.  Yes, I'm a caring sister like that.  (Don't look at me like that, I went and got him sweats to wear and non-hospital food to eat and brought him home.)

Wow, I blathered on there, didn't I?  My bad.  How are you doing?

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I gotted 3 hours of sleep today before my Mom needed me to take her to the hospital for her visit to Grandma.  I'm grumpypants. :(

She is going into surgery tomorrow.  They are going to look around, but they are decently sure that they will at least put a pacemaker in.  I've been there, done that, so I was able to answer some questions for my Aunt before the doctor even stopped by.  The whole family is weary because of what I went through, though.  I hated the damn thing, but then again when they gave me mine they broke a wire when they put it in so it never worked properly anyways.  She has better doctors so hopefully the outcome will be better.  I had to tell her that no, she wouldn't have to give up her microwave. :D  They've improved. 

But man!  Her heart rate when she was sleeping was upper 30's, and irregular.  Never before had loud, nails on chalkboard snoring been a comfort.  I was scared to take my eyes of of her!  But she slept better with someone there so she looked better this morning.  Good, she'll need the strength.

Brach's candy corn is back!!  Straight up sugar rush!  Yeah baby!
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I am sitting in my maternal Grandmother's hospital room trying to type quietly.  She has congenital heart failure, most likely caused from a previously surgically cleared artery being blocked again.  They are talking catherization and splints, but don't know if she's strong enough.  Turns out she's been out of breath for a month or so, passed out last week (but refused treatment when the paramedics came), and had asked my Grandpa to sleep in her bed with her for the past week because we think she knew something was wrong.

Last night she was left alone here and got a little worse, so I volunteered to stay tonight with her.  I got here at 8pm, she was already asleep, but her heartbeat was irregular (after months spent in the hospital due to my own heart issues, I learned, and was taught, how to read a bit of the monitor), so I walk up to get a closer look, and there is a freaking defibrillator sitting there. 

No one was here when I got here, so I asked hot!nurse!guy WTFdude and he said he didn't know for sure but the earlier staff probably just wanted a portable EKG strip from her and used that to get it.  WHILE 2 PORTABLE EKG MACHINES WERE SITTING LITERALLY 5 FEET FROM HER ROOM DOOR, IN A LITTLE ALCOVE?!?

Yeah, no.  I think they didn't expect me to come.  And now I'm flipping out. 

Of course, I'm probably just flipping out over something little, but yeah that tripped me out a bit.  She's probably my favoritist family member, all 1/2 straight up Sioux Indian with the temper to go with it.

I'm here until 8am.  Going to be a long night folks.


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