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The Phoenix has landed!!!  Safely on Mars, reporting back to Earth A-OK.  

I am enough of a space geek to have watched it on NASA TV. 

The boys (and gal) at mission control get so excited when their toys work properly (for good reason).  There may have been tears.

: P


Feb. 22nd, 2007 10:53 am
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I've got a job!  Woohoo!  It's data entry and customer service, but it's the midnight shift which will allow me to do my schooling with either day or evening classes.   I'm so freaking excited, because it's been a nightmare trying to find something with a workable schedule, enough pay to live on, not too far away, and not completely heinous.  I start on the fifth.  This week has been fantabulous!!!

Oh!  Lottery jackpot is at 170 million.  With the week I've had, I'm so buying a ticket.  :)  

On the downside-  Michael, my 17 yr. old nephew with a seperated brain that lives with me, is becoming a major disciplinary problem.  I have two bruises on my body from him right now, and I can get him to do nothing around the house.  His father has decided that if the caseworker allows it, he will go live with him to hopefully curb the misbehavior.  I love him to death but I hope they let us do that.  I can't do this anymore, especially if I'm working and going to school full time this summer/fall.

If I don't watch the series finale of the O.C. tonight, will the show live on forever?  I think Kirsten and Sandy will move with Ryan to Berkeley.  

I actually was able to watch Chelsea play a game live!  ::gasp::  Only to see JT get hurt.  Again.  These boys need to play in bubblewrap.  I swear.
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Got into a car accident. Messed my hip up a bit. Car's got $1000 worth of damages that luckily the guy that hit me will pay for it but still..... pain in the arse.

Had to quit my job do to accident.  Can't stand up for that long.  I'm looking for something else, but having no luck.  Turns out that I am failing at life.  I need to go back to school.  I want to do something with computers.  I fail at life.  woahez me.

On my fannish side:

Football/Soccer-  I hope JT's back is okay.  I'm just worried that if it's an ongoing thing that it'll keep recurring to the point that he won't be able to play.  And that would suck majorly.

ps does anyone know if tomorrow's game will be shown in the US?

TV:  I just can't get into any new TV shows.  I don't know if it is because they are bad or because I'm detached right now.  Anyone have any suggestions on something good to watch?

Am loving NCIS right now though.  It still has it's snark.  Can't stand the whole Sara/Gil thing on CSI.  ick.

I'm missing the O.C. premiering around everything else though.  Seems like I forgot to watch it or something.  Which is craziness cuz I always get excited about the premier, even if I don't watch the rest of the season.  Maybe because I hold out hope that they will fix the show.  Especially now that it won't focus on Marissa anymore.  It's seriously a case of "give me Ryan or give the show death" type of thing right now for me.  His character is the reason I watched the show in the first place.

And Stargate Atlantis.  Oh babies.  On hiatus now in the middle of the best season evar.  With the whole -i'd-die-to-keep-any-of-you-safe team love that was going on with Sheppard and the others.  That's what attracts me to shows I think.  Serious, Ferocious, connections and love (familial, romantic, or friend-wise) between the characters.  Stargate Atlantis has gotten better, NCIS still has it, and The OC lost it.  OMG I FIGURED OUT HOW I TICK JUST NOW.  Going off to ponder this.

Anyone else got stuff going on?


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