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Iz bored.  I have three days of work this week because the owner decides we need to cut hours whilst we are slow.  Only one problem.  WE ARE NOT SLOW.  When I'm at work right now I stay so busy I can't even take a lunch break.  I've been an hour late in leaving each day because it takes me that long to finish up my paperwork.  Oh well.  He's leaving to go back home next week and I'm sure everything will go back to normal.  It's not like he notices what's going on unless he's here.

So, I've decided to clean out my computer.  Oh, the things I'm finding.  Pics of people whom I don't know.  Craptastic icons I made forever ago.  
It's actually kind of fun.   Well not really but the alternative is getting dressed and going outside and I don't wanna do that quite yet.  I'll make today my lazy day.

But I did find this fic all typed up and pretty and ready to go.  Normally, I write on pen and paper, and only type things up when I want to post them somewhere.  (Which, really, is never cuz they are all craptastic.  But alas.)  I typed this up two years ago, When my internet access was spotty, so I don't know if I posted it somewhere.  And that kind of scares me :P

It was also, if I remember correctly, supposed to be the beginning of a series, though I can't remember if I typed the rest up or not.  I'll have to go through my notebooks and see if I can find the rest.

It's the Chelsea OTP.  Frank/John.  PG cuz it's the beginning of the series.  Not sure if I gave it a title, it's under the heading of "Begin" in my computer but that could have been just for my reference.  So look it over, and if you remember seeing it somewhere or know where I posted it, drop me a line, yeah?



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