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Which I shall remedy for now until I maybe possibly go back to the bad internet connection in Yellowstone. Speaking of, I haven't yet posted pics, so here are a few to start with... sorry about the quality, but it's a blackberry camera phone. I had little time to save up money to spend on a camera before I left.

I filled out my application to work in Yellowstone at the hotels on a whim, because there weren't jobs here. I had done it in 2001 and LOVED IT. I wanted to go back. Soooo, I filled it out on the 5th, got a call back on the 8th, was hired immediately, and was asked to be in Gardiner, MT to start training at 8am on the 15th. ^.- Sure! So i packed up my house in 3 days, left my dog with my Mom, prayed my car would make it, and left on the 11th.

The drive from Ohio to Montana along I-80/90:

I left Ohio at sunset on June 11th. I figured I'd already seen Ohio and Indiana and Illinois so it didn't matter if it was dark, and was TERRIFIED of Chicago traffic and wanted to hit it about 4am so I didn't have to worry about it. My first time out was on a greyhound, and I had witnessed a fatal accident on I-90 in Chicago of a semi and a truck where the truck and semi cab were actually MELTED. I hit it perfectly, there were no other cars out, and by the time the sun rose I was in the farm country of Illinois, close to Iowa.

I had been to a lot of states, but Iowa was one state I'd never been to stuck in the middle of all these states I had been, so instead of taking a straight shot through 90, I took 80 into the middle of Iowa, then up to 90, just so I could cross it off my list. Noon storms started rolling in, bad ones, so I stopped at a rest stop in Iowa to sleep for a few hours. The adrenaline of starting a road trip and my nervous energy about Chicago was gone, so I slept. This is a pic of Iowa before the storms.

I woke up to the sound of a really loud bird chirping, and I noticed the storms had passed. A Blue Jay was sitting on the fence in front of where my truck was parked, singing. I ate lunch, nothing but fresh fruit, and ruined it by drinking a bottle of pepsi. ;) Then got on my way again.

I went up from Des Moines on to 90 in Minnesota on 35, then west from there into South Dakota. I got tired, and stopped in a hotel after crossing the Missouri river and slept the night away. When I woke up, the weather was horribly rainy and cloudy, and stayed that way until I got to Montana. I was excited to go through Wall and the Western part of South Dakota, it's where the scenery starts looking "western". I stopped at Badlands and did a quick drive through the park. It was beautiful, but I have a feeling it would have been better in direct sunlight.

If I'd had more time I would have stopped at the Black Hills and spent more time, but couldn't. I was still afraid my car would break down and I'd be short on time, so I took a few pics out my window and drove on.

By the time I got to the little corner of Wyoming you cross on 90, I was getting excited. The mountains were getting taller, the sky was getting bigger, and there were less and less people. (I was most excited about the last part!) The weather up ahead looked much improved.

By the time I crossed into Montana, the sun was setting. I was able to get one shot off as I neared Billings. Then the sun set. I kept driving, got to Bozeman, MT and my hotel around 4am on the 14th. Hung around town, went to the bank and walmart for supplies and things, had a good lunch at a local restaurant, and I was ready for the morning of the 15th!
Sunset near the end of my road trip:

The view from behind my bank in Bozeman:

I will be posting the best Yellowstone pics from this summer in a few days.
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