Dec. 15th, 2010

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Upon re-watching the latest episode of Hawaii Five-0, I noticed that during the cock fighting scene, there are these two older ladies carrying a cooler and A FOIL COVERED BAKING DISH to the fight. It got me wondering: Is it some kind of pot-luck? Did scary guy with tattoo #4 bring a nice quiche? Does the neighborhood have a tradition every Christmas Eve where afternoon = cockfighting, followed by a nice sit down dinner with festive tablecloths, then a nativity play by the local children followed by caroling? Are the two guys that Steve almost ran over the soloists?

Now I want to write fic where the two women are neighborhood Mommas to the rougher men and boys in the neighborhood and they both spoil them with food and slap them silly for any trouble. Seriously, they will be complete characters in my head by the end of the day.

And on third watch of this scene, I see that all the womenfolk are out of the way underneath the tent with all the food where they belong. ::rolls eyes:: Though, if you look closely, when Danny is doing his whole speech about "dinner fighting it out in a cage match" or whatever, they are all big smiles. They are totally enjoying the eye candy. :D


yellowvalley: picture of a waterfall in yellowstone (Default)

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